The Astanza Liberty

liberty-screen-e1460576243942The Astanza Liberty IPL system is making groundbreaking advancements in the aesthetic industry, namely for hair removal. Our Liberty IPL system is trusted by the largest hair removal company in the nation, as well as top dermatologists and skin experts.* We are excited to be the only clinic in Johns Creek to offer effective hair removal with this advanced technology.

* Individual Results May Vary


Impressive Power, Long-lasting Results

Our Liberty produces significantly higher fluences than competitive IPL systems, meaning optimal treatments and long-lasting results. Increased fluence settings allow more energy, intense heating of hair follicles, and improved hair removal results.*

Unlike other IPL systems, our Liberty is equipped with an industry-leading treatment spot size measuring at 48 mm x 13 mm for more coverage and faster treatment times. This large treatment head helps us quickly treat large areas like legs, arms, and back, saving you more time.*

* Individual Results May Vary


For All Skin Types


Individual Results May Vary

Unlike other lasers and IPL systems, our Liberty has customizable settings to safely treat all skin tones and effectively treat most hair types.* Patients with lighter skin and darker hair will experience an increase in efficacy due to the contrast of melanin between their skin and hair.

However, our Liberty IPL system uses advanced technology that has proven to be effective in removing unwanted hair for patients of all skin types and hair colors, no matter how fair. This innovative IPL technology exclusively targets the melanin and pigment in the hair follicles, leaving the surrounding skin safe and completely unharmed.*

Achieve permanent hair reduction with Liberty IPL hair removal at Hudes Laser Aesthetica and eliminate bothersome methods like shaving and waxing for good.* During your free consultation, one of our laser technicians will assess your skin and hair to customize treatments for your needs.

* Individual Results May Vary