Glycolic Body Toning

Glycolic treatments are skin treatments which utilize glycolic acid to firm, tone, and renew the skin.

Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid, which means that it can penetrate the skin to deliver moisture and stimulate the production of new collagen. Glycolic treatments use this effect to promote skin health and reverse the signs of aging!

Glycolic treatments are appropriate for a wide variety of skin conditions. Consult with spa staff to determine the treatment that is right for you!

Generally, glycolic treatments are used as part of an anti-wrinkle regimen, to reduce the effects of sun damage and scarring, and to refresh old or tired skin or more popularly for Body tightening and toning of the thighs, buttox and arms to rid you of the “orange peel/cottage cheese” issues!

Glycolic treatments work by separating the skin cells, which allows dead cells to float to the surface along with trapped dirt and oils. A mild glycolic acid solution will be applied to your treatment area and then our aesthetician will microneedle your desired area followed by 15-20 minutes of thermal treatment!. Please note that the client may experience some discomfort and burning, and it is important to communicate with spa staff if the sensation feels unbearable. The glycolic acid is neutralized with a gel and then the area is gently washed and moisturized. We typically recommend a series of treatments for maximum effect.

At the completion of a treatment series, the skin will be firmer, smaller pored, and more evenly colored. Periodic treatments should be undertaken to maintain skin health and appearance.  See individual result below: