Vascular Lesion Removal

Spider Vein Treatment

vascular-lesion-web-copyVascular lesions, commonly referred to as spider veins, are unsightly blemishes that are often seen on the face and legs. Spider veins are experienced by many and are a result of aging, genetics, and hormones. Vascular lesions are small groups of capillaries and vessels that form directly under the skin. Although harmless, many patients wish to remove them for their unpleasant appearance.

Hudes Laser Aesthetica uses advanced laser technology to break down and safely remove these vessels.* Our Astanza Trinity laser emits short pulses of light energy onto the unwanted veins. The veins absorb the energy, collapse, and cut off blood flow without harming any of the surrounding skin tissue. The treatment causes the prominent veins to break down and become less visible.

Laser treatment works best on vascular lesions that are less than 1 mm wide. Procedure time depends on the size of the vascular lesion being treated, but is fairly quick and doesn’t last more than a couple of minutes. Most patients see significant results after 2 to 3 treatments.*

Patients should expect to see slight bruising after their treatment. As the bruise heals, the skin underneath should reveal clear, blemish-free skin. Vascular lesions do not reappear once they have been removed.

Patients are encouraged to exercise and stay active daily to prevent additional spider veins from forming.

* Individual Results May Vary