Pigmented Lesion Removal

Rewind the Signs of Aging

product-thumbnail-webPigmented lesions, also referred to as brown spots or age spots, are common skin blemishes caused by sun exposure or aging. Pigmented lesions are unsightly spots formed by high concentrations of melanin in skin cells. Many patients like to remove these spots to rewind signs of aging and to maintain a youthful complexion.

Hudes Laser Aesthetica offers several easy and effective solutions for removing these bothersome spots.* We offer our Lutronic Ultra and Astanza Trinity laser to treat bothersome brown pigment areas.  Lasers use several different wavelengths or colors of laser in short pulses of light energy to break up the excess melanin in your skin, causing them to shatter and fade. These cells are then replaced with new skin cells, revealing lighter, younger looking skin.

Depending on the size of the lesion, treatments can take anywhere from a second to a couple of minutes to treat. Most patients only need 1 to 3 treatments before seeing complete removal.*

Over the weeks following your treatment, your pigmented lesion will begin to scab. Let the scab heal on its own until it flakes off naturally. The skin underneath the scab will be lighter and less pigmented.

Patients are encouraged to apply sun screen and protect their skin from daily sun exposure to prevent more lesions from appearing.

* Individual Results May Vary