The Zimmer Cryo

The Premiere Skin Numbing Solution

cryo6One of the biggest fears and worries with laser and IPL treatments is pain. Although laser tattoo removal, IPL hair removal, and pigmented and vascular lesion removal are all very tolerable and fast procedures, many patients are still concerned about the pain associated with lasers.

Hudes Laser Aesthetica has invested in the Zimmer Cryo 6 to help alleviate any discomfort, if any, from our lasers. The Cryo is the number one skin numbing solution for many reasons, but most importantly, it effectively numbs the skin before, during, and after your treatment.* Ice packs are only effective before and after a treatment, not during when it’s desired the most.

The Cryo works by blowing freezing cold air ( -30°C) directly onto the treatment site. The air blows through a long hose and even comes with a precision tip for more accurate numbing. We’ll even let you hold the hose and direct the air flow, giving you full control over your comfort.

Patient comfort and satisfaction are top priorities at Hudes Laser Aesthetica. Our investment in the Zimmer Cryo 6 is a direct reflection of the dedication we hold towards our patients and their needs. The Zimmer Cryo can be used for all of our procedures, so be sure to ask about it during your free consultation!

* Individual Results May Vary