Hudes Weight Loss Clinic

Millions of Americans struggle with weight issues, and many of these know first-hand how difficult it can be to shed those pounds. While healthy diets and exercise are key components, sometimes you need an extra boost to reach your weight loss goals. Hudes Concierge Medicine and Hudes Laser Aesthetica is proud to offer our patients advanced weight loss services to enhance and support your healthy lifestyle changes.

We are Here to Help and Serve You!

Being overweight can cause a variety of physical problems and start to impact you negatively before you even realize your weight is out of control.

If you have actually been searching for a  90-Day Weight Loss Reboot this could be your answer!!  We are determined to help you become as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside, in addition to helping you into a healthier way of living!!!

Membership Fee Includes:

  • Pre Treatment EKG and Interpretation
  • Pre Treatment Laboratory Profile and Counseling
  • 60-Minute Weight Loss Consultation and Medical Evaluation with Dr. Brian K. Hudes
  • MD Prescribed Weight Loss Medications and Injections
  • Regular Weigh-In Visits With our Support Staff x 3 Months
  • Discounted Vitamin Injections (To aid in your weight Loss)