The Astanza Duality

The Most Powerful Solution to Resistant Tattoo Colors

At Hudes Laser Aesthetica, we use the latest laser tattoo removal technology to help you remove your tattoo in the fewest number of treatments possible. We offer the Astanza Duality laser modality. This industry-leading laser delivers high peak power and has an ultra-short pulse duration for better ink shattering. This means our patients will see significant results after each treatment session and need fewer treatment sessions overall. The Duality generates two wavelengths that are able to remove a wide range of tattoo ink colors on all skin types.

Our Duality is trusted by leading practices worldwide, including the top two tattoo removal providers in the tattoo removal field.

Our passion and dedication to this procedure makes us the leading experts in tattoo removal for the greater Atlanta area.

Peak power is the difference for better ink shattering for faster ink removal. The Duality combines two advanced specifications – an ultra-short (6000 picosecond) pulse duration with high pulse energy  – to deliver strong peak power and photo-acoustic waves for ink fracturing.

With industry leading fluence options (up to 22 J/cm2), the Duality has immense power for treating dark and stubborn inks in fewer treatments.