Tattoo Removal Pricing

How much does tattoo removal cost?

Beyond “does it hurt?”, “how long does it take?”, etc. the biggest question most have is – “How much is this going to run me?”

At Hudes Laser Aesthetica we keep it simple with just three guidelines:

1. All new clients must go through a free initial consultation. This is done to determine treatment course and so we can size the tattoo to determine which category it falls under.

2. Our pricing is fair and easy to figure out – there are no hidden costs or surprise fees along the way.

3. There is no price difference based on colors or age of the tattoo, we only use a size approximation to determine the cost per session.

Hudes Laser Aesthetica offers competitive pricing and free consultations to make laser tattoo removal affordable for all of our clients. Our Cumming, GA clinic uses a size based pricing structure to determine the cost for each treatment based on the size of the tattoo you want to remove.

During your free consultation, one of our friendly laser technicians will assess your tattoo, categorize it by size, and give you a complete quote before proceeding with any treatments. Our clinic uses a variety of factors to best estimate the number of treatments you will need, including the size, age, colors, and location of your tattoo.

Our Astanza Trinity is designed to eliminate more ink in fewer sessions, meaning less overall treatments and lower costs for you!  *

Prices include a Full Evaluation & Consultation with Dr. Hudes and treatment with all 4 of our Laser modalities.

No price difference for colors (Black ink, red ink, blue ink)

We are the only Laser Center in the south with 3 separate lasers to use to remove your tattoo faster, more efficiently and with little to no scarring!

We routinely run Sales and Specials and offer many discounts like Multiple Tattoo, Military, Teacher, Police, Fire Department discounts – Please call our office today to hear about our current specials! 678-935-0655.

*Individual Results May Vary